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Reasons you May Need a Maritime or Admiralty Lawyer

Reasons you May Need a Maritime or Admiralty Lawyer

 Reasons you May Need a Maritime or Admiralty Lawyer

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 okay today I will tell you about the reasons you may need a maritime or admiralty lawyer so good morning to captain and crew alike and welcome to the admiralty talked often this involved in one of the many scenarios in life on the course which bring them into contact with the maritime law are unaware of the fact that admiralty lawyer can be of assistance to them in analyzing their rights and responsibilities and assisting them in situation which uh we sometimes are Troublesome purpose the lay percent and lawyer would regularly practice in the maritime field some of this situations are injury or death of a crew member or passenger.

 the jokes act the death on the heisis ACT the limitation of vessel owners liability act and other statutory and general maritime law professions cover new rate and responsibilities for injuries and death abort are associated with a vessel identification this isn't uh this is equally true of vessels of all shapes and size from jet skis to container ships Maritime internets can provide space specialized advice to the injured victim or his or her family members or conversely to the owner or cultural or user of the vessel involved in the casualty and then the second Fresno Coalition or audition where are the vessels involved are jet skis small recreational boats sailboats Yacht for higher character boats are one of the many types of commercial vessels investigating the fact that and applying them to the navigational rules and regulation as well as the uh I'm sorry as the other potential factor involved in determining the underlying cause of collision or Collision can be of utmost importance in an admiralty case in addition the Pennsylvania rule the rule of the Oracle and the Louisiana rule are pertain shifting doctrines which may apply under the right circumstances to Edge prevailing a trial of a collision case in coalitions and auditions of vessels with a full on Port the oil pollution Act of 1990 another saturated schemes have penalty proficients for honors and operators of vessels which make oil and full Pollution Control Plus urgent and mandatory in addition to the ability for underlying casualty claims this potential penalties can prove to be costly if not dealt in a timely manner by those experience in the field and then number three festival or pni inference claims sometimes after you have 30 fully paid thousands of dollars in premiums your insurance happened in you when you need them the most Maritime lawyer can many times have cut them to play claims as a crit in the policy and then number four vessel warranty claims the purchase of a Newport or yacht can be an extraordinarily expensive Venture these days defect in the whole and Machinery are often covered by writing or implied warranties made by the dealer and or manufacturer these claims are sometimes denied as well and Maritime attorneys are well equipped to assist the purchaser in carrying the fossil fixed or recovering the value of the repairs from the tiller or menu.

 I'm sorry or manufacturer other Maritime assaulties and I'm sorry number five other Maritime casualties Maritime casualties are often multi-fest uh fasted and can and Encompass many different areas of the law from trespass to injury to instrumental cargo claims admiralty and Maritime otherness are uniquely situated to help those who have problem on or near the Waterfront adult offices of Cooper and Bill Prairie PC we Cover the Waterfront with regard to admiralty and Maritime low call us today if you think that you may need assistance with whatever problem tops you weigh on the water and then how maritime law affect shipping employees the ship owners and shipping companies have a local responsibility for the well-being of their employees they must provide them with Transportation income medical services and room and board while they are working on ships or similar vessels they also must maintain a severity vessel in terms of sufficient Staffing agreement supplies and safety features [Music] if employees suffer an injury or illness well at sea ship owners must provide maintenance and Care in other words employees are eligible for reasonable Medical Care and living expenses until they can return to work injured employees are also are typically eligible for the compensation that they were to receive well at Sea although other employment contract May limit the amount of unearned compensation they can receive and then employees write under Maritime flow many suffer injuries or illness well at Sea you have a right to reasonable and necessary Medical Care by a doctor whom you choose you may need to see a company selected author for an initial Evolution but you are entitled to get ongoing Medical Care from the doctor or facility of your choice furthermore receiving Medical Care is a right regardless of who is at fault for causing the accident you are eligible for medical care for injuries that worsen or pre-existing medical condition as well as new injuries if you receive different delivery medical option on treatment for ear injuries then the law requires that the dispute be resolved by getting the recommended treatment even if it is recommended by one medical provider and not the uh the other you write you write to receive medical care and maintenance and per benefits following an injury is not depend on signing any wipers Instagram Bible work or settlement agreement you are eligible for these benefits after an injury Ricardos a fitter you sign this Bible word in many cases employer will attempt to limit or avoid their reliability requiring your signature before your sorry your signature before you receive the necessary benefits and then don't give a recorded statement okay likewise you are not required to give a recorded statement about the about the accident that led to your injuries while reporting your injury is necessary you may not be in a condition to give an upper appropriate recorded statement plus trying to adjust or dispute that statement can be problematic later on maritime law and cheap passengers ship owners also have a tattoo to protect their passengers and keep them reasonably safe from the risk of harm.

 General maritime law allows injuries passengers not just women or employees to bring anglicans claims against the ship owners or companies for their losses stemming from their injuries this Mega camps claims are similar to those the injury victims could bring against property owners for injuries suffered online okay that's all for today thanks for watching don't forget to like comment and subscribe this channel see you in the next article

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