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 Fire Insurance - Let The Battle Begin

Fire Insurance - Let The Battle Begin

 Fire Insurance - Let The Battle Begin

When you are fast asleep and your fire alarm goes off - what do you do? Do you jump out of bed and run outside? Do you look around and try to understand what is happening? Do you immediately call 911? If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, read on.

I was recently at a public auditorium with hundreds of people. We were notified an alarm would sound shortly and we would all be evacuated from the building. This was their first fire drill.

Naturally this fire drill was well organized. It ran without a problem and the building was vacated in four minutes. Congratulations.

That was fine for this situation but in a real life situation - that is not how it happens.

If you are sleeping and the fire alarm goes off:

(1) You will not understand what you are hearing.

(2) You will not understand what is happening.

(3) You will react only when you actually see fire or smoke.

(4) Call 911

(5) Get the family together.

(6) Get out of the house.

Fires are hot, combustible and destroy everything in their path.

Your possessions will be destroyed. Your furniture will be destroyed.

Your clothes will be destroyed. You and your family will be devastated but - you will be alive.

When all is said and done your pictures and important papers are all that matter as far as possessions.

Everything else can be replaced. I hope if this happens to you - you have home owners or renters insurance.

Let the battles begin.

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