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Choosing an Adequate Home Insurance Policy

Choosing an Adequate Home Insurance Policy

 Choosing an Adequate Home Insurance Policy

Protecting your home against the worst possible scenario is essential even if we do not like to consider the worst happening. Luckily, you may go through life never having to claim for anything as serious such as your home burning down or theft of your entire contents. However if the unexpected does happen, then you have peace of mind with a UK home insurance policy behind you.

A UK home insurance policy may be taken out in the form of contents insurance, buildings insurance or both together. Buildings insurance is typically a requirement of your mortgage lenders whilst contents insurance is usually your own personal choice. Together you typically have protection for the outer shell or your home and the contents within it. If you wish to take out both types of insurance then taking them as a combined policy may lead to savings when compared with taking separate policies.

What events am I covered for with a policy?

The typical buildings and contents UK home insurance policy provides protection against fire, theft, and flood and storm damage. In the case of buildings insurance you may also be protected for damage caused due to subsidence or damage caused by a third party. Some insurance providers may also give you accidental damage insurance or allow you to add it in to the policy. You may also be insured for damage caused through acts of vandalism.

However, it is important to note that policy benefits and features can vary depending on the cover you buy and the home insurance provider, so always make sure you know what the cover entails.

What is covered in my policy?

In buildings insurance the shell of your property is typically protected against damage or loss. For example if your home was burnt down to the ground, the insurance may pay to clear the site of rubble and to rebuild your home. Along with this anything in the home that is fixed which may include a fitted bathroom or kitchen may also be protected. Your garage and greenhouse may be protected by your insurance policy.

When taking out contents insurance you are protecting items within your home that are removable. Typically, this may include electrical goods, clothing, furniture, carpets, and kitchen utensils - in fact, anything that is moveable within the home. You may also wish to add in all risks protection to insure personal items such as mobile phones when you take them out of the home.

Determining the sum to insure

When determining the sum insured, which is the maximum you are allowed to claim back, always take an inventory of the contents. Under insuring may mean you face severe financial distress in the event of losing everything, yet over insuring may mean you are paying more in insurance premiums than you need. Therefore, go around your home taking an inventory of all belongings. This included any items that are not on show such as in your wardrobe and kitchen cupboards. When purchasing a UK home insurance policy that includes buildings insurance, you need to include the costs for clearing the site along with the value of your home. Always check the wording of the policy you are considering to ensure you know what the provider covers and if in doubt ask.

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