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Bike Insurance: For All Types and Models of Motorbikes

Bike Insurance: For All Types and Models of Motorbikes

 Bike Insurance: For All Types and Models of Motorbikes

Motorbike insurance is not the same as traditional car insurance. Both are legal requirements however if you wish to drive anywhere on the UK roads. In saying that, they are two distinctly different things, you do not need one to have the other and having one does not instantly cover you for the other kind of vehicle either.

Because of this you need to be sure that you are only driving your motorbike while under motorbike cover. You will also need a motorbike license, as a normal car driving license does not cover you to drive any sort of motorcycle any more, not even 50cc mopeds. This can vary, depending on when you passed your driving test, however you should always ensure that you are allowed to before attempting to do so.

Higher performance motorbikes may be your dream, but they also come with greatly increased costs. Not only are they more expensive to buy, as you might imagine, they are also more expensive to get spare parts, to repair and of course to insure. Due to this you might be much better off with a non-super-bike, instead setting your goals on something much more realistic.

This is not to say that super-bikes should always be avoided, simply that you should always buy a bike that suits your budget and your financial means. Just because you can afford to buy the bike itself, you must be sure you can afford all of these extra expenses too! Budget first so that you know what kind of bike you can afford to actually use.

Once you have your mind-set on a bike, you should think carefully about where you will store it. Not only will this have an impact on the safety of your bike while it is parked, but will also have an effect your bike insurance costs.

Motorbikes are typically much easier to vandalise, be hot wired or just thrown in the back of a van and stolen. As such storing your bike in a garage off the road will decrease the likelihood of any of these things happening, it will also lower your costs.

Talking of costs, you should take the time to find out what the insurance costs will be. This varies greatly not just depending on the size, make and model of your bike, but also from insurer to insurer.

Due to this you are advised to shop around for the best policy for you. The one danger to be aware of is that the best policy is often not the cheapest one! For a long time we have been taught that when shopping around you want to find the cheapest deal available. However, some companies have cottoned on to this and as such offer incredibly cheap policies that simply do not offer the cover that you require. They often have catches, additional hidden costs, or simply leave out half of the things you want. As such you need to be certain that you are finding the best bike insurance you can, not necessarily just the cheapest.

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